Competition Policy 

ANRA believes competition law should be about promoting efficiency and delivering the best allocation of resources across the economy - for the benefit of consumers. Additional red tape or regulation that limits competitive forces risks leading to increased prices and decreased consumer choice.

Competition policy should not be a vehicle for protecting individual competitors.

Competition in the retail sector has never been stronger with the introduction of new competitors both in-store and online.

ANRA is actively participating in the current review of competition policy announced on 4 December 2013 by the Prime Minister and Minister for Small Business as a 'root and branch' review - marking the first step in delivering on a commitment in the Coalition's pre-election Policy to Create Jobs by Boosting Productivity. This is the first comprehensive review of Australia's competition laws and policy since the Hilmer Review (1993).

The review's primary objective, which is supported by ANRA, is to guide Commonwealth, State and Territory, and Local Governments to implement policy that makes markets work in the long-term interests of consumers.

Any reforms to competition policy, competition law and the governance and enforcement structures will impact on the retail sector.

ANRA's policy engagement:

ANRA Submission: Competition Policy Review

ANRA's participation in the review process has included participating in the submission process, attending public forums and private meetings with the Competition Policy Review Panel.

ANRA advocates for a competitive retail environment where efficient businesses, big and small, can thrive in a strong competitive environment delivering products and services that consumers want.