Fastracking to Today Horse Racing

Thereafter, a lot has happened to make horse racing the third most popular sport across Australian after Football and Rugby. Some of the most earlier significant dates in the Australian horse racing history include the 1814 horse races held in Tasmania, the commencement of horse racing in 1836 in Western Australia, the first official races held in Victoria in March 1838, the formation of Australian Jockey Club in 1842, 1843 when Queensland held it’s first ever races as well as South Australia in Adelaide, the 1878 compilation of the first stud book to trace bloodlines by William Yuille, and the 1883 grand racing by almost 200 country clubs under the Australian Jockey Club. The following a hundred years saw horse racing as well as Thoroughbred breeding firmly established in Australia.

Regulatory Body

Today, the Australian horse racing is governed by the Australian Racing Board comprising of representatives of the Principal Racing Associations drawn from two territories and the six states. The board oversees approximately 32,000 races annually and 400 race clubs. This brings on board an annual event comprising of almost 200,000 starters with 36,000 horses compete with the excess of $400 million prize money.

Major races today

Major Australian horse races today include the Melbourne Cup, VRC Oaks, Victoria Derby, Golden Slipper Stakes, W S Cox Plate and Caulfield Cup. Indeed, the Australian horse racing has a rich history perhaps more than no any other sports or game.

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