Australian Horse Racing History

Since January 26th, 1788 when the first batch horses arrived in Australia aboard Lady Penrhyn, the Australian horse racing has seen it all. Since its inception, the Australian horse races have been one of the bitterly contested races across the globe and has seen an equal measure of tears of joy and painful sobs. World records have been smashed, prolific racers have been resoundingly beaten by armature riders, some stringent rules have been relaxed as some new ones implemented and so on and so forth.

It can be extremely hard to detail the Australian horse racing history without mentioning the thoroughbred horse racing. To say the least, not all the pieces of paper in this world can contain the details of the history of Australian horse race. Here are some memorable events, dates, and names that have put an unerasable mark on the world renowned Australian horse race. Yes! this is Australian horse racing history.

Earlier history

Although currently lying third just behind Japan and the United States of America among – the leading Thoroughbred racing nations of the world, Australian horse race has undergone through a lot to be where it is today. To begin with, the game was introduced in Australia by the earlier settlers. The type of racing at that time was an exact copy of the England version in the seventeenth century. Remember, Australia and New Zealand were British colonies at a time when racing was a popular sport and firmly established in Britain. No wonder, the founding colonists imported the racing interest with them. it’s also worthy to note that it was purely a military sport back then perhaps because horses weren’t native to Australia but were an essential part of the military in the Britain.

Fortunately, tables have since been turned and the horse race is no longer restricted to a certain class of people. Although the Australian horse population was only forty-nine in 1795 and two hundred in 1800, this number has since swelled beyond imagination. Today, horses are raised in the entire Australia. Australia boasts of hundreds of thousands of feral horses as well as other hundreds of thousand of feral camels, making it ripe for horse racing

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